• Image of Various Artists - Naked

"Naked" is the first volume of a compilation series showcasing some of the best instrumental mixes from Double Cheese Records catalog. Containing exclusive mixes of forthcoming releases from the likes of DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins, Mangesto and Quietboy, the album is a chance to rediscover instrumental mixes from Lenny Fontana, Luyo, Tony Loreto and Mark Di Meo, Vittorio Santorelli and more artists showcasing their "naked" beats in this lushious music selection.

1) Luyo - You're My Delight (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Instrumental Mix)
2) Anna Cavazos - Love U Babe (Tony Loreto & Mark Di Meo Instrumental Mix)
3) B-liv - A House Prayer (Luyo Amen Instrumental Mix)
4) Woods, Luyo - In The Heat (Of The Night) (Mangesto Instrumental Mix
5) Mauritzio - All Is Here feat. Marianna (Main Smiletear Instrumental Mix)
6) Luyo - Hungry For Love (Lenny Fontana Instrumental Mix)
7) Luyo, DJ Ermi - My King (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Jazzie BreakDownstrumental)
8) Vittorio Santorelli - Party All Night (QuietBoy Instrumental Mix)
9) Vittorio Santorelli - Find Your Joy (B-Liv SoulClub Instrumental Mix)
10) DJ Ermi, Tomateck - Tonight
11) Vittorio Santorelli - Le Fontaine